About Us

Company Overview:

Incorporated in 2017, UG Excavating Ltd is your reliable and fully licensed General Contractor specialized in excavating and grading for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  With industry experience and excellent reputation, our valued team members provide a range of services designed to handle your construction needs.

UG Excavating Ltd. takes pride in providing high quality service and product with quick project turn-around as well as response time, all within the safest work environment.

As a General Contractor, UG Excavating Ltd can guarantee that we have the right solution for your project requirements from start to end; this includes deep utility installation and site grading completed inhouse, and all other aspects subcontracted and managed professionally and in a timely manner.

Overall company safety and client satisfaction is our top priority.

Core Values:

  • LEADERSHIP – Lead by example
  • INTEGRITY – Know and do what is right
  • RESPECT – Respect and value all personnel
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Accept ownership and be accountable
  • WORKMANSHIP – Git-R-Done!